J.S.Bach :: Prelude & Fugue in F# Major, BWV 882 (WK II)

Wim Winters plays J.S.Bach's prelude and fugue in F sharp major (well-tempered clavier, book 2) on his Potvlieghe clavichord.

Bonus: ..So let's talk about Bach's temperament, shall we? (From the Partitas vlogs)

The single most asked question? What temperament are you using. I wouldn't mind talking out loud about this highly interesting topic. But, you know, it possibly is even more delicate than asking a woman's age.
And what surprises me often is this: talking to people with 'high interest' expect you to give an answer from the text book, not from your heart. Secondly, maybe more alarming, they expect you to give an answer according to the textbook of the first generation of HIP-players, as if I, my generation is not allowed to change anything in view or perspective to what has been set in the sixties, seventies and eighties (and there is a lot we HAVE to give a second, if not a first look...!)
If you are a musician, and certainly a keyboard player, you definitely will know what I'm talking about. AND you will recognize the feeling that when starting to talk a little bit on the context of temperaments, there is, well, not too much of a background. it all seems to hang in the air. We just assume.
My situation? I am far from a specialist in this matter, really very far from. But, contrary to that attitude of what my friend Miklos Spanyi so nicely calls "the Baroque Police", I believe we, as HIP players should always try to go back to the facts. The interpretation of the facts is yours and stays yours, forever. But sometimes, the facts are what they are.

We, at all costs, should avoid always of mixing both.
And sometimes the facts touch the personal taste at the end of the circle, both having traveled in opposite directions.
In this vlog, I am not going so far as to tell you all about my journey on temperaments. Not yet (I will once). But, I am a little bit tired (and perhaps too old as well), to stay afraid for the finger pointing of the gatekeepers of the first generation HIP.
So I'll put one step forward. Do not shoot on the pianist. (or clavichordist!)

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