Carl Czerny :: Prelude and Fugue in F#Minor, Opus 822, n°43

Seeing the very beginning of this video, really, the first seconds, I decide immediately to rewrite one of my to-do-postits, in large this time. In downscaling all projects I'd like to do this year into small pieces of manageable packages, I made one prudent suggestion to myself: lose 5 kilo's. Well, actually, I phrased it nicer, like this: work on my condition. Thinking that the result of that would not only be a better health, condition and endurance, but a bit flatter... you know what.
Of course it all has to do with a undoubtedly nearby mid-life crisis, but, no kidding, I have to devote somewhat more time to my body. Sitting, sitting, sitting, no good at all.
I was in Leuven last Wednesday and Thursday, I'll tell you in a minute why, and walking the stairs to the third floor, made my heart beat as if I'd run a half marathon. That is not how it should beat. I'll have to downscale that post-it even further in really doable packages. Maybe a hometrainer would be a solution. A pity that ones heart is not being trained by playing scales or so.

Anyway, last week was crazy. Really. I'm happy to tell that one of the main projects I'm working on for years now, finally got a face to the outside world. I spare you the details of why we worked that long in the shadows so to say, but fact is that on Thursday (28 January 2016), the Contius Foundation had its press conference, showing the first results of its project: building a replica of the H.A.Contiusorgan, of which the original instrument is in Liepaja, Latvia, Holy Trinity Church. I am the 'Project Manager' of that project, which involves really about anything you can think of. It is a fascinating yet not easy project to lead, but seeing and hearing all those people on Thursday express their support for this project, really felt heart-warming to me.

If you are interested in seeing what I mean, you can find some pictures on our homepage:

All to say that in this video, I'm so pleased to present you a second Czerny prelude and fugue. Perhaps an even stronger piece than the one in G major I did last time, and certainly not the final one I'll do.

As said a few times now, I'm reworking the general concept of this channel (not the music recordings), building a new website, with a newsletter to which I really am looking forward to. Connected to a mailing list, of which you all will be invited to join when it is ready.

Another idea that crossed my mind: live streaming of some practicing hours. I do sit so often at the instrument, just practicing , from scratch, or playing pieces I know. It would be great to share some of those moments directly with you, giving you all the opportunity to interact 'life'. I'll have to overcome the technical barriers for that, but that might just happen to be added. As other ideas. On my post-it board. I'll make a film on those post-its...!

So stay tuned!

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