G.F. Händel :: Suite D-Minor HWV 437

I have to admit that I am not very familiar with the music of the great Händel. I know, it sounds stupid, but I suppose it has something to do with the way I am 'constructed': I grab a book of Bach and O my God, there you have the partita's! ... and I stay with it, weeks, months, and if not for concerts, of for purpose of YouTube or other 'real-life' stuff, I forget to look besides from time to time. Some thing with Mozart, or Beethoven. But Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, well, I can play them together, although I so like the idea of having an eternity with only one piece or composer.
So, I was very pleased with the question of Timur Rasuly, who asked me if I could play the Sarabande of Händel. THE sarabande.
Finally: Händel and I could meet!!
And we did.
It was a wonderful walk. Soooo much different than Bach, certainly this suite, it felt to me as much more down to earth, a simplicity, also in technique and counterpoint that I didn't expected, but that grabs you, once you drink his style over and over again. It feels as if you hear Händel improvising, just between two great opera's, where with Bach, you feel on another level, another planet.

Stop comparing those two!
I keep silent for this beautiful music.
Question to you all: did Händel knew this type of clavichord??

Bonus: Last part (p4) of my series on tuning: tuning a complete instrument ohne Worte
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