Inventions n°1-3 BWV 772-775

Why didn't I play this great music earlier...?
Yes, you heard me right: it is a first performance for me.

First the index:
Johann Sebastian Bach, Inventionen - Inventions, part 1:
0:06 Invention n°1 in C Major
1:34 Invention n°2 in C Minor
3:47 Invention n°3 in D Major

So yes, I've never played these inventions before in my life that's going on now for about 43 years. I'll talk about that very strange fact in the Afterthought edition of 12.10.2015, but in short: I started at age of 12 with the organ. And didn't played any other instrument until I went to Amsterdam, conservatoire, where I took lessons organ with Jacques van Oortmerssen. And was introduced to the piano as a second instrument. Since I had played already quite a lot of Bach on the organ, my piano teacher directly jumped to the WK as for the required Bach part of that education. Two years later, piano became a second main subject, next to the organ, and so the inventions were simply forgotten I guess.
After my school-time, I focused more and more on the piano, but not to play Bach... more Chopin and Liszt.

And then came the clavichord.

WITH Bach again. And with the WK. Again. And the partitas (also new...!)

The inventions of Bach... they could wait. And frankly, I knew some of them by ear, but me being not the greatest music listener -certainly not the music I play, not because I think there would be no match for me, but simply because there is so much music to be discovered in the few hours that I devote to music listening -however (2d grade) that is changing rapidly with the new gramophone-player... it is becoming to be a nice 'hobby' to buy second hand discs (LP's) and quietly listen them at long evenings, just nipping at a glass of wine, and looking at the ever turning of the turntable. I should devote some episodes of the Studio Project to some very very nice recordings I bought, almost for free. People are throwing entire collections of the most wonderful recordings away...not realising how good they sound on a turntable... no ticks, cracks, what most of us remember of the "old days", but remarkable clean, warm, presented as a unity, with highs and lows that are felt with ones heart in stead of listened to with ones ears...

And then I haven't told you about our Studer A80 taperecorder. Yes, I did in an episode of the Studio Project (, but probably you haven't seen that yet. Well, THAT sound is again of another level...

All that to say that these inventions are the discovery of the month for me (:-).

And yes, I'll do them all, later the sinfonia's as well.
And Cramer will be continued as well, together with some very nice other music, not telling you what yet.

Thanks for watching and reading !


Listen to the next set of Inventions, 4~6 here!

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