J.B.Cramer :: Etudes (4)

Etudes n°16, 18, 21 & 24

This is part 4 of our series on the great Cramer Etudes. Recorded I believe, back in November 2015, but they had to move in favour of the Inventions, the new sonata written by the Greek composer Kostas Papazafeiropoulos, and of course, the big 5th Bach partita.

0:08 Etude n°16 in F Minor
1:58 Etude n°18 in D Minor
4:14 Etude n°21 in G Major
6:11: Etude n°24 in D Minor

You might have noticed the Announcements video I've made. That sounds really important and big, isn't it? And it is :-), no not really, just kidding, but ...mmm... there are some things on the shelf this year. If you've time, just check it out:

O, and by the way, I got a question regarding the score I'm playing these etudes from, and here is a link to it:
There is a fifth episode that'll come, and yet has to be recorded. It will be for in a month or two I suppose.

The coming months, few things are going to change. Not the music recordings or the afterthoughts, that all remain the same. The vlog series about our Studio project will shift a little bit. There still will be new vlog's made on the Studio Project, but they will be published not strictly on the 7-17-27th any more, and other things will be covered as well. So, for these video's, check the channel regularly.

A new website will be installed as well (have patience on that), with -I'm really looking forward to that- a newsletter. That opens the possibility of more direct communication, and I have some ideas that I really would like to start with.

2015 was a rather busy year. 2016 will be no different, on the contrary. I'm looking forward to that, a bit afraid as well on all the big projects we would love to continue with, but with your support... it all get so much depth and meaning to me, and hopefully that reflects to you all!

2016 just have started and thus it is time to make an overview of what 2016 would bring. Plans, projects and new things to come for this channel.
The 3 music recordings a month and the afterthoughts will remain, that is the focus of this channel, the Studio Project vlog's will change a bit, as there are more things to come in the course of the year.
It is quite a lot!

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