J.B.Cramer :: Etudes (5) played from Beethoven's copy

Etudes n°27 , 29, 30, 41

0:09 Etude n°27 in Ab Major
1:50 Etude n°29 in C Major
3:26 Etude n°30 in Bb Minor
5:52 Etude n°41 in E Major

At the time you are reading this (supposed you read this within the first week of the publication of this video), all the four of us will be on a small vacation in the North of Holland, on a kind of island called Suyderoogh. It is several years we go there ones a year, sometimes two times, and although there is absolutely nothing around those handful bungalows, except a small swimming pool, there is no way our kids -especially- Sofie would even think on going somewhere else. Luckily the school holidays in Holland are slightly different to ours here in Belgium, which reflects heavily in the price. In fact, those holidays are rather cheap, we do our cooking mostly ourselves (Anja...), go swimming every day, walk a bit, play some games with the kids, ... and do nothing. There is only the sound of the wind and some birds. I love it.
Doing absolutely nothing is actually not true. I do write on my book, every morning or evening, or both, one to two hours. I cannot miss that daily routine of writing, it sets me back too much when I start again. The music can handle that week better. It is not a big deal.

Traditionally, you'll find us in the first week of November there. The reason we add a spring holiday is mainly because of our youngest Evelien, who had had her first swimming lessons. And she wants to practice. But also for her parents a week off is very welcome. We probably will have some micro-moments for ourselves, during small walks, when the kids are playing, and there is a lot to set in a decent row for both of us.

Tomorrow (Wednesday March 29th), we probably have a final meeting with our architect on a final draft for the recording Studio. We are a few weeks away from the 'real' recordings of Bach partitas on tape and so are a few more projects on the shelf, all connected to that. We visited a pressing plant (vinyl records) a few weeks ago, and the first thing I will try to do is making a start with a reschedule of this channel, so to give you a kind of weekly update (on Friday) on things that are happening and might be of your interest or could serve as a kind of inspiration even, who knows?

Anyway, next recording, after these wonderful etudes of Cramer, will be a new sonata by Costas Papazafeiropoulos. I am really looking forward to share that with you, because it is an amazing piece of music !

See you all then!

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