J.B.Cramer :: Etudes (9, 12, 13, 15) played from Beethoven's copy

Cramer etudes, part 3 (already!) First the index of this video:

0:08 Etude 9 in G Major
2:12 Etude 12 in A Minor
3:49 Etude 13 in A Major
5:11 Etude 15 in E flat Major

I'm writing this text here at my desk on Friday evening, almost 8 PM, October 30, 2015. If I throw a glimpse on the video specifications provided by YouTube, I read 5th of October as date of upload. Which means that this recording must be made few days earlier. So... one breath and a complete month has gone by...
Tomorrow it will be Saturday. Anja and I will start early to drive for Krefeld, in Germany, where one of the largest fairs on analogue audio will take place. It is quiet now in house, the children are giving my mother doubtlessly much attention and love, but life as well, and so here I am, writing this small text, with Anja behind her computer at the desk there, on a meter of six, partly hidden behind a wall. Sitting here, and thinking on the requirements I put, not only on myself, but my whole family in fact. Not that I am very 'present' in this house, the opposite is true, certainly with my eldest daughter Sofie, who is constantly imitating the very popular series 'K3 zoekt K3", a television program in which young female singers do their best to take the place of a very popular girls group... every Friday, but here at our place, every day... no, it is not about that that I'm thinking, it is more a bit of Autumn like reflection, where this all will lead to. Watching myself play, as I let the video run while writing, it seems all so easy. Four etudes by Cramer, what's the point? But it isn't easy, not only to play, but to make all things happen in a way this video is ready at a certain time, which, how fortunate can someone be, I myself can choose? O, it are just the leaves that are falling I guess...
Or perhaps more our Studio Project, which becomes more concrete with every day. Tonight I've send the detailed contract proposals to Philip Newell, who probably will start the next days with the preparatory designs. Then the 12th meeting with our architect, contract with him as well. And after that first phase, deciding for a GO or NO GO. And if yes, that decision will influence our life the coming... God knows how long...

It's all exciting, yes, sure, and yes I realise that one has to make something out of his life, do the positive, be different, be good, and see all this as a chance...
And I do.
But I wake up at night as well, thinking on... my children. In one way or another, this important decision is twisted around their faces. It is also their future we're deciding on.
O, it is all looking good, and yes, we both are confident that this huge project will succeed, as there are other projects as well that might come the next months or years.
It is just the falling of the leaves I guess... or may be I hadn't something else to talk about... let alone about Cramer, that great chap that wrote so incredible beautiful etudes, I cannot stop playing them.
And I hope you don't mind...!

Next week I will be often Off-line. Finally one week holiday, in Lauwersmeer, a beautiful place North from Groningen. There is nothing but nature and a nice swimming pool. And... a lovely wife and two immensely loved children.

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