J. Haydn :: Sonata in G Minor, Hob XVI/44

If you read this on the 10th of September 2016, the publication date of this video/recording, Anja and I are on our way back from Northern Germany to our home, a small village in Belgium, not far from Holland, not far from Germany. With Jan Weinhold, I will have played a concert for two clavichords, works by Friedemann Bach, Mozart, and CPEBach, not to forget a trio sonata by father Bach.
Nothing special maybe, just a concert, but at the same time, very special. This concert would never have happened if it wasn't because of this Authentic Sound project, started here on YouTube. I would (probably) never have met Jan.
It would not have happened either that I would have get to know Kostas Papazafeiropoulos, that talented young Greek composer that seems to understand the classical style so well.
I'm getting a bit nostalgic here, listening to such a deep, deep, deep G minor feeling (whatever that might be), so painfully displayed in front of all of us by the great master Haydn. It takes the listener for a moment in an illusive misery, knowing that there is an instant escape after the last chord into a renewed reality of life, that looks so much better after having gone through a marsh of troubles and reflections.
But at the same time, isn't it fantastic that social platforms like YouTube can bring people together? That it can be tailor made to what we would like it to serve? And at the end, that it enables any artist to share what he/she believes is worth sharing, leading to new connections, new people, who stand up and set a step forward, raising their hands, saying: I'm in !
You are with so many now, and I know so many of you quite personal, some really in person, others digitally for the time being: David, Scozio, Luca, John, David (another one!), bersa88, Adrian, Alex, RealHogweed, Bill, Thomas, Rita, Chris, Adam, Ian, Rosa, Andrew, Peter, Michael, Cor, Simone, David (again another one), Hans-Martin, Michael S, Harrison, George, Folies, Eaven, Jozef, Philip, Ruckers1624, Bach-ing mad,... and so on and so on, forgetting so many, that will come in my mind minutes after I hit the save button here, you'll know I don't forget, but it just is mind blowing.

You all thank me so often for what I do, but it is me that have to thank all of you. You cannot imagine how you changed my life as a musician, and, looking into the complete darkness of an early September day through the same window that often provides some light for a video, barely 9PM (so a dangerous time to let your soul speak in stead of your brain...), I hope to be able to do this for you in length of years.

take care all of you!

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