J.Haydn :: Sonata n° 55 in B flat Major, Hob. XVI/41

For those who read the few lines I write in addition to the music video, know that in short time, I got a real Haydn addiction... Of course, he was always near as a composer, always one or more scores within hand-reach, but Mozart, Beethoven, Bach,... would often go first. His music, and this is a personal thought, is as entering a room full of discrete beauty and joyful light, for which one need some time to "feel" and see what is there. Mozart is similar and different at the same time, hanging walls and ceiling with apparent ease full with crystals and jewels, both for the eye of the passing-by, and the man or woman who wants to stay a bit.

For Haydn, it is different, but once you start seeing things, you can not stop looking and constantly finding new things.

So, chances are quite high that you might hear some more Haydn in the future..

Thanks for watching and listening!


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