J. Haydn :: Sonata n°37 in E Major, hob. XVI/22

0:12 Allegro Moderato
7:40 Andante
13:14 Finale, Tempo di Menuet


There is so much to talk about!
As I announced in the first episode of the new vlog series 'the Studio Project, Anja and I were last week in Vigo (Spain), to meet Philip Newell. That was an overwhelming experience, which will be covered in upcoming vlog's. This is not the place to talk too much about that, but just this: I recorded this Haydn sonata the week earlier, actually on the same evening as the Bach pr&f in A flat Major. In did that in order to make sure to have a recording for today. As much as I like taking off a few days, in a nice hotel, etc... it ruins one's feel for concentration and focus. It is (for me) so important to focus every day on what you're doing. It's all about the concentration. Inspiration comes in the last few percentages.

Anyway, we were in Vigo and you know what: I constantly heard this middle section in e minor in my head. Constantly? Well, very often. And you all know those easy popular melodies which you can't get rid of (as some songs of the popular girl group of my daughters that can keep you awake even), but this is different. So often hearing that middle section felt so relaxing. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I know (and of course there are many 'ones-of-the-most-beautiful-pieces-I-know), but this is one of them.

You'll hear it on my voice in the "afterthoughts" vlog that I plan to continue. It makes one very emotional (and humble) after having played a piece like this.

I'm writing this the 19th of May, 2015, just on time for this recording, and as I said in the beginning, there is so much to talk about, but so little time these days. It is 10.05, just just five minutes from really having to leave for an appointment. There are a lot of projects asking for much time, not in the least the two new vlog series we're doing now, the clavichord asks for time, and the Studio Project really as well. It is a bit stressy, but at the same time, really exciting!

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