J. Haydn :: Sonata n°54 in G Major (Hob. XVI/40)

Haydn wrote this beautiful sonata, dedicated to the Princes Marie Esterhazy, in ca 1782/1784.

It is a sonata in two parts:
1. Allegretto innocente
2. Presto (not in 2/4 as Haydn does so often for last parts, but in C!)

For Haydn, there is no doubt that he esteemed the unfretted clavichord very high. Still today is one of his own instruments preserved in London, that he ordered in 1794 from Bohak, if I am not mistaken.

We'll come back to this year 1794, in which he wrote his last sonata, the most famous one in E flat major. I have an idea for this piece, but will tell it you at the right time. Not yet... 🙂

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