If Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck would have walked into the 16th century chapel in which we were recording this beautiful short variations 'Von der Fortuna werd' ich getrieben', there would have been not too much that would have astonished him. Maybe the clothes Anja and I had on, or -perhaps the biggest distraction - the LDC screen of the cameras, although he might think that that were kind of miniature paintings. But all the rest: he would see a building in a style he would recognize as a bit old fashioned, a clavichord that was a bit modern but still an instrument type that for sure he must have been familiar with, and, most important, he would feel comfortable with the candle light.

You'll know by now that I LOVE candle light. But here, in that chapel, I could never have imagined how big of a game changer candle light was. We know how it looks when we only have candles on at home, but in an old building like this, we rarely have the occasion to turn off the electrical bulbs and leave the room to the candles only. I can tell you, and hope you will see this on the video: IT - WAS - MAGICAL...

Anja raised her eyebrows when I told her my idea of again, as we did in the two preceding videos, to enter the chapel with the clavichord. Also with candle light only. So we searched for a lantern, in vain (now we know were one is), and since it was a bit windy that night, well, you can imagine what happened with one flame naked in the brutal wind ! But than I managed to go inside, I closed the door behind me, and suddenly that one candle, was all one would need to seek his way. One candle, almost invisible to the digital sensors of even today's cameras -unless you would buy the +2000 euro body only Sony A7s...- gives to our human eye the unique combination of rest and information. It's all we need. Not handy always, but nice. Warm. Tranquil. It gives heat to cold fingers. It let you know upfront when it's time to be replaced.

And with that one candle, walking trough that chapel, I felt as back in time, surrounded by black darkness and silence, with a clavichord in one hand, the candle in the other. Lightning the other candles suddenly felt as high beam headlights...
Maybe we should return more to candle light. Sweelinck probably would have nothing against it.


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