J.Pachelbel :: Aria Prima, P.193/T.211

From Hexachordum Apollinis, ded. D.Buxtehude & F.T.Richter

The georgeous little chapel, early 16th century I believe, in which we have recorded this Pachelbel as part 1 of a trilogy on the Christopher Clarke 1978 fretted clavichord is only (you won't believe me) on two kilometers from our home.
Why is it, that we only now have made our first video there for the channel?
Well, the answer explains the "(you won't believe me)" from the sentence before that question. And it shows you a bit of... myself.
The answer is: I didn't know about it... O yes, I knew that there was some sort of chapel nearby, and Anja, having been here the first x-years of her life, knew that place very well, and much to her credit, she has told me often that that chapel would interest me. But I never went to see it in reality and one of the reasons was (stupid) that I had the idea in mind that it would be too small for a music instrument to enter. Don't laugh too loud: we do have a lot of very small chapels where only a few people would fit. Even not a clavichord, let alone with its player from almost 1,90 meter tall.
So one day, Sofie (our eldest daughter -she's 11 now) came home from school, having been on a roundtrip with here bike, a sort of project, I don't remember, and she told about her visit to ... this chapel.Ah!' Anja said. 'And? You liked it?'
'Yes... it was ok', Sofie replied over enthousiastically as one can expect from a -than- ten year old girl.
Anja looked away from her cooking plate, raising here eye brows.
'It sure is a nice place, I have been there I don't know how many times.'
'When was it?'
'Every year, with the whole neighbourhood, there were three days of celebrating the saint to which that chapel is dedicated too. I remember very well the Holy services...'
'Wait a second', I interrupted. 'Holy service? In such a small chappel?'
Anja waited for the hot water having poured completely in the kitchen sink.'O, it is not that small, you know, not, Sofie?'
The steaming patatoes sizzled in the now empty pot.
'No, it is rather big, our whole class could sit easily on the benches.'
'There are benches in that chapel?'

'I've told you that it was not so small as you thought.'
'No you haven't?'
'Yes I did.
'Well I can't remember anyway.'
The carrots were crushed now along with the patatoes.
'How come that doesn't surprise me? But I sure have told it. But now you'll have to leave me a bit with the food.'
'Sofie, tell me, how many benches were there?'
She shrug her shoulders.
'Don't know. Ten? Maybe more.'
'Was the room filled with your class alone?'
'O no ! And if necessary, there was a small gallery as well.'
'A gallery??!'
And then, if things don't come without a reason, I got a request from the president of the local assocation of history, if I could not play a concert with the presentation of their book on the history of... this chapel ! And while entering this unique building, the idea was to make something for you, here on YouTube.
Life goes fast, and it took me more than a year to finally do it. Not with my own clavichord, but with a beautiful Christopher Clarke fretted clavichord that he made in 1978 and almost immediately sold to my friend Patrick Collon. He was so kind of lending it to me a few weeks, and so here it is: first recording in this chapel, in a row of three on both the chapel and the instrument. The dates are much in line with each other !

You can expect three videos as Afterhtoughts, I'll upload all three day after day. First will be on the chapel, second on the fretted clavichord and third om some sound aspects.

Part 2 of this Trilogy will be released on December 10th, last part on December 20th. For the last part, we did something special. But in order to know what... you'll have to be patient a bit 😉