J.S.Bach :: Complete Inventions BWV 772-786

Index (thanks for the assistance Chaz !)
00:00 Invention n°1 in C Major BWV 772
01:32 Invention n°21 in C Minor BWV 773
03:43 Invention n°3 in D Major BWV 774
05:31 Invention n°4 in D Minor BWV 775
06:55 Invention n°5 in Eb Major BWV 776
8:35 Invention n°6 in E Major BWV 777
13:14 Invention n°7 in E minor BWV 778
15:26 Invention n°8 in F Major BWV 779
17:48 Invention n°9 in F Minor BWV 780
20:07 Invention n°10 in G Major BWV 781
21:32 Invention n°11 in G Minor BWV 782
23:11 Invention n°12 in A Major BWV 783
25:11Invention n°13 in A Minor BWV 784
26:44 Invention n°14 in Bb Major BWV 785
28:29Invention n°15 in B Minor BWV 786

Individual Videos and afterthoughts:
BWV 772 - 774: Inventions 1-3 
BWV 775 - 777: Inventions 4-6
BWV 778 - 780: Inventions 7-9
BWV 781 - 783: Inventions 10-12
BWV 784 - 786: Inventions 13-15


As with the recent upload of all of the six partitas in one video (link below), the question quickly came to do the same with the spread recordings of the J.S.Bach Inventions.

And nowadays, only only only only dealing with the recording of the Bach partitas on tape for release on Vinyl, it was time to make that video.
All recordings made end 2015 - beginning 2016.


The schedule of the channel, after the recordings of the partitas have been done (we have done 5 already !!) will change, but... nobody knows exactly how, me the least. Most probably we experiment a bit to come to a new "something". Following an intense 11-week course with Tim Schmoyer at Videocreators should at least have some impact, right?

How to deal with Differences in Ornaments in J.S.Bach's Inventions and Sinfonias?
Today's question comes from Vincent, asking if the trills I play in J.S.Bach's inventions are original, since it are more ornaments than in his Alfred Palmer edition (which I don't know).
Great question, that I would like to treat in a bit more general perspective, rephrasing the question to: what trills should we play in Bach's inventions and sinfonias and secondly: does Bach indicate precise what he wants, or not?

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