J.S.Bach :: Inventions n°10-12 BWV 782-784

This will be a rather short text... time is running so fast, that I only now - it is Wednesday 9th of December 2015, 21.47 h. as we "speak" - see that tomorrow is the 10th of the month!
The video's and recordings are planned longer (that would be difficult otherwise), but the by now traditional blog post that goes with the music video, is done normally a day before the publication date.
To be completely honest with you, I'm lying in bed already (yes at this time). With my laptop, so work related! Both Anja and I are no night people, by far, but more than that, for me, a bed is not only sleep related. And for those of you who would expect me to touch upon items that are not suitable for this channel... I mean things like reading -there are traditionally piles of books next to my bed, Anja is making remarks on that since we're married, and even before, you'll find here all kind of things, literature, non fiction and cartoons (I like cartoons, already as a kid. Before I was able to read, I made up my own story by looking at the drawings. I still remember how surprised I was, later, to read the actual text). But now, since I'm working hard on my book again -as I wrote to you some weeks ago (I have attended a tremendously inspired day long lesson from Rudy Soutewey last week)- I take my laptop to bed, to work in "absolute" rest and peace. Bedtime is my time, it feels as if the normal 'obligations' of the day are absent, and I can decide to do with my time whatever I want. And so it is writing these days. A lot.
I could say that 'it is a lot of fun'. And it is. But it is in fact hard work, the more that this needs to be combined with playing music. And both occupations fight for the same brains (the few I have), which can be and actually is fatiguing.
But, yes, exciting at the same time.

Lucky I am that there is Anja, who takes care of all things that need to be taken care of. From bringing the children on time to school, to the business plan that she's making for our studio project.
It explains why she is already in a deep sleep here next to me...

What would a man do without a woman?

Enough on this subject for tonight... I hope you enjoy this wonderful music, that the inventions are !


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