J.S.Bach :: Inventions n°13-15 BWV 785-787

Lights in the Christmas tree are burning since today, and the last part of the 15 inventions are published. I think that should be enough to make someone happy.
To be honest... I am more fond on the inventions than on the Christmas tree. But as a child, I never would have thought I'd ever say this. Bringing in the Christmas tree, was about the single most important fact of the year. Conditions were very simple, but at the same time of the utmost importance:
1) it had to be a real three (no plastic),
2) it had to be very large, and by very large I meant that the top had to almost reach the roof,
3) it had to have coloured lights (always),
4) it had to be red and silver balls (no other colours) and
5) it had to stay until after Epiphany.
And then, when it was finished, I'd lie on my back on the ground, and looked into the most beautiful thing one could imagine. There was always one ball that was the most beautiful one, and typically, that would be a red one, with a nice coloured light in, most probably a red light. Not my favoured colour -that is blue, a kind of deep sea blue - but at that particular moment, the colour red was all that was important. Don't ask me why, it just was a feeling. So strong, that today, a few decades later, I can feel it still the same as it was back then. Pure.

And so today, Anja and the two girls decorated our Christmas tree. In spite of what we agreed on not having a large one this year, since our living room finally got it's wooden floor, the new tree (1) reaches the top, (2) is a real tree (no plastic), (3) two small faces disagreed so firmly when their mother cautiously suggested to have white lights just one year, (4) the balls are red and silver, exactly as the two girls would insist on having, (5) and the tree will only disappear the week after the 6th of January.

And I lied down with Evelien, the youngest, on our back, to look for the most beautiful ball. And it was a red one. With red lights shining in it. And we all were happy.

Circle is round. As with the inventions I guess. I'll make a real circle out of it, a so-called 'play list', will link to that from within the video's in the 'cards', so that you can listen to all 15 without having to switch from one video to another.

Switching is fatiguing. From one video to another. Or from one Christmas tree to a different one. It is so relaxing to know that also next year, our Christmas three will look as if the one I knew as a 5 year old child, never had been replaced. It is still the same. And that is good. It keeps the child in me alive, and don't we need to take great care of that creature deep inside all of us?

Merry Christmas to all of you!


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