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Just returned from a one week holiday with my family. Exciting as we are, this was the fifth one we spend in the North of Holland, in a small place called "Suyderoogh", an artificial piece of land, very close, or already in the UNESCO protected Wadden Sea, that was created as a part of the famous Delta Works that protects the Netherlands from dramatical floods as the one in 1953. In Suyderoogh, there are a bundle of nice little houses, built in an area where is absolutely... nothing.
And to this place of "absolutely nothing", we went for the fifth time. and the reason for that, is mainly the fact that only thinking about going elsewhere is creating such an amount of opposition from our eldest daughter, that we bow our heads and go back to the same place, even to the same little house.
That is how exciting our life can be, and how wonderful at the same time.
Our days are very well planned though, so don't think that we just sit there and do nothing! We DO have a very tied schedule, but, honestly, one that is every day more or less the same. It is like this.
We get up in the morning (obviously). Depending of who is awake of the children, we walk to the small shop that is part of this park, buying croissants for breakfast. That takes, depending on whether conditions, 20 to 25 minutes.
Then we eat (obviously).
After that, about 10.30u, we all go to the swimming pool. Every day. No escape for that (opposition).
We return at about 12.30. Lunch.
2PM, we go for a walk. This year, Sofie's step had joined the trip, and Evelien, who just is 4, had her little bike (which was cute actually to see, except the one time that she didn't make it on one of the small bridges and started to roll backwards... of course the one time that we finally trusted her she would make it by herself... but she stayed cool and survived 🙂 ).
These walks usually end after 300 meter, at the first small playground we cross.
Then... back to our little house. Anja prepares for dinner, we all assist where we can, or we go for dinner in a nice place, called "Het Booze Wijf" (The Angry ... well, what is 'wijf' exactly? Bitch is too strong, wife too soft, something in between, it has all to do in those places with the force and power of the sea).
In the evenings, children watch both a small movie they would like to see, Evelien goes to bed around 8, Sofie one hour later, and after that, the parents... read something.

Well, reading in a very broad signification, but reading we do. That is actually the only point I wanted to make today...
I'm reading a rather fascinating book by Tim Ferris, The 4-hour Work Week, Anja is reading "Pitch Anything", by Oren Klaff. Not that we would like to work 'only" 4 hours a day, or that Anja would like to be able to really pitch anything.
It is all about focusing, creating a clear path and working list of what we have to do in the near future.
Tomorrow, and that could become one part of that future, we"re heading for the 'Boekenbeurs', a very large fair of books, where we meet an editor. Few know, but in the past years, I worked really hard to write my first book, fiction, that, after much rework and rewriting, caught the attention of one editor. It is not ready yet for publication, but there are chances it will be one day.
This is a side-project that I performed in the period 2010-2014, and closed, waiting for a positive signal from a professional editor. But when that would turn in to be positive at end, it will add a new chapter to my life, that certainly then really can use some of the American advice of both books...
Keep you informed... as always!

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