J.S.Bach :: Inventions n°7-9 BWV 779-781

About Bach, the world today, and a little kitten.
Since a few week, we've got a kitty. He,or she, something that even Anja is not sure of (and she's a super expert on cats, an experience that undoubtedly is very helpful to manage someone like me), just came to pay us a visit one evening, and after a few days of trying, she (let's assume that) decided that food and bed was rather decent, and stayed.
So there she is, another living creature in our life. The children are of course tremendously happy with her, and the fact that she's still very young, probably helps. They are about the same age I guess, so that is useful for understanding. Anyway, she became in no time an integrated part of our little family. The intonation Sofie -our eldest daughter of 10- uses at breakfast that she's going to feed the cat, sounds as if she's doing that each morning for the last ten years or so. I have to admit: the cat is an added value.

What this has to do with the third part of Bach's inventions?
Honestly, I didn't knew either when I started this little blog, - the Afterthoughts are there for 'serious' matters- but suddenly I knew.
But now I do know: It is all about the polyphony!

Cats and polyphony, don't you see the point?

Imagine what happens if one voice sets in. She (or is that a he? -similarity n°1- ) has the complete scene for here alone. No competitor. But hey, what happens after a while? A second voice comes in. You think there is the slightest form of hesitation? No, not at all. Maestro Bach leads the voices gently in the right way, not pushing, not stepping on the foreground, no, gently leading. It seems that the voices don't even know they're being guided, they must have the feeling that they have all the freedom they want to be what they are: unique. And yet they go very well along with each other. They become friends, start exchange experiences, ideas, emotion, and at the end... they unify in the last major chord ! Isn't that great!

The lovely little cat is only a small example of how a new 'voice' can add to an existing group, in this case a family. Ours.

Looking at real life these days... what can be so simple, seems all the more difficult. Perhaps we lack the hand of masters like Bach, I wouldn't dare to say leaders, let alone politicians, ... to make the world one great living feast of polyphony...

Hopefully I add a bit with this greatest forms of Polyphony. Listen to Bach... and it all becomes clear.


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