J.S.Bach :: Partita n°4, BWV 828

Movements List
0:08 Ouverture
7:40 Allemande
18:15 Courante
22:39 Aria
25:00 Sarabande
29:29 Menuet
31:30 Gigue

I'm looking at the thumbnail of this video and see my 'little' daughter Sofie. She's ten, almost eleven... The day that she first saw daylight is yesterday and yet, here she stands, next to me to turn pages for the first movement of this Bach Partita. She especially has done here hair for the video, and just before we started, she looked at me and said, a bit startled:
O my god, dad, we have to stop. '
I asked why.
She, her eyes full of unbelief on so much paternal stupidity:
'Don't you see that I am wearing exact the same dress as I did on the previous video? What are the people going to say?'
'O, they will say that I am the luckiest man on earth with a daughter so beautiful as you are.'
She shakes her head.
'Mom, what do you think?'
Anja, from behind the wall:
'You're fine. And you didn't wore your cardigan last time.'
'You're sure?'

'Ok, than we can start.'
Most important decision of the evening had just been taken before I played my first note ....

Life can be easy sometimes...!


P.S. One day early for Bach's birtday!

Bonus: Wish you could smell this, it makes me feel 7 year again!
Viburnum carlcephalum or fragrant snowball bush in English, a super dull piece of nature in our garden during 11 months, but there is one month, or better, a few weeks that will make up for the more than 11 months of dark green leaves or completely nothing and that are these flowers.

It was now the time to share some footage with you, and how sad that there is no way that I can push the smell of it through YouTubes algorhytme... The flowers smell like an eternal spring full of sunshine, not the warm sun, but the pleasant sun, a nice bit of wind, nothing but the sound of birds that keep you from all thoughts of concerns and plans and frustrations that only belong to the world of grown-ups...
So, if these flowers show up, from the very first sign, I'll never pass without taking a deep smell. And for one second, I feel being 7 again, no idea why, but it loads me with energy. It feels as a kind of treasury that secretely is kept hidden since one's childhood, and now opening just ones a year, not more, in order to make sure that there will be enough left for the rest of your life... and that treasury is open now, so that needed to be shared with you!

take care!


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