J.S.Bach :: Partita n°5, BWV 829

With this masterpiece of Bach, I wish all of you a splendid start of 2016! That the new year might bring joy, beauty, inner peace, outer health, friendship, love, unexpected blessings, hopes that come true, lost friends that knock on your door for a cup of coffee, ...

0:11 Preambulum
3:12 Allemande
7:45 Courante
10:02 Sarabande
14:51 Tempo di Menuetto
16:34 Passepied
18:54 Gigue

To me, 2015 was a year that will always stay connected to the totally unexpected losses of two great man. My father, who died at age 71 on February 28th, and Jacques van Oortmerssen, my former teacher, mentor and friend, who died at age 65 on November 21. I cannot compare these two losses, but they both will have changed the way I will stay in life in 2016.
2016 will determine also how far our Recording Studio plans will reach. The recordings of the big Partita's will take place on analogue tape and our ambition is to present that on our own new label on vinyl, with CD and digital download.
Next to that, I am about to finish the book I am writing on, will work on some publications more related to what I'm doing here in this channel -more about that later when it is really concrete -.
Than, we're expecting to have the new pianoforte here at the beginning of September. It is planned to be finished the 3d week of July, so that might just work out well. With 'new' music to be discovered for me, and shared with you on this channel. I guess the piano will open many new possibilities.

There are things to be changed with the website, a monthly newsletter is in the pipeline, as we do want to connect all platforms as much as we can.

And then, I shouldn't forget to thank YOU. I receive so many signs of thanks and real appreciation. I try to answer every one of them, but here is the moment to thank all of you again, for without you, this channel would be kind of meaningless. It is YOU that give shape to what happens here, it is YOU that give me the energy to produce these video's, about 75 in total in 2015 from which 36 music recordings... hard to believe myself... This channel grew from a few hundred subscribers end 2014, to more than 1500 today. And That growing community is what makes me really proud and humble at the same time. It is you that makes me focus and stay as critical as I can on what I do. It is you that helped me pave the way to the coming recordings of the Bach partita's.

And I thank you all.
From the bottom of my heart.

Have a splendid 2016!

Wim & Anja

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