J.S.Bach :: Partita n°6 BWV 830

As of this morning, with the release of partita n°6, BWV 830: all keyboard partitas of J.S.Bach are available on my channel. 90 pages of music, 2 hours 45 minutes of music... so if you'd ask me: yes, I'm proud ! This is not something that one can do overnight, and yet I'm about to start with the last chapter of this project.
Indeed: the last chapter is... recording all six partitas...again.
I hear you think, but don't worry, it is crazy to even think of doing that. With a little bit of additional energy, I could have recorded both the Goldberg Variations AND the French Suites in stead. But I just feel that at the end, it will be worth it. I learner so incredible much just by recording these monuments of keyboard works for my YouTube channel. During the preparation, from the recording itself, and from the postediting. All that experience can be applied in the new recordings, that will serve the release on Vinyl Discs next year, May 15.

The Studer taperecorder is ready. Tapes are in house. Microphones are setup. And you believe it or not, the energy to immediately start is really growing every day. I have to hold myself from doing that, it all just needs a little bit more of time.

Some of you will know that I livestreamed this week quite a bit, on the post-editing of this last partita. I decided that, together with the live stream recording, it would make sense to release that gigantic video as a whole on YouTube as well. Not to make you watch it, but to make it available to everyone who'd like to have a look behind the scenes, how I work and what my preferences, decisions, philosophies are. I do get some questions on that topic, and I have nothing to hide from anyone. On the contrary, it will show that I am far from Mister Perfect and certainly that would be the last image I'd like people to have from me!

Thank you all for encouraging me to continue and keep moving, many of you have done so, and do often again, and without that support... it wouldn't be possible.

Take care,


Bonus: FULL +9 hr Live Sessions Recording + Editing JSBach's 6th Partita
This certainly is a video I do not hope for you'd watch it entirely...! But if you do, let me know, and I feature you with a golden metal on my homepage :-).
Seriously now: I get regularly questions on how these YouTube recordings are made, and how I deal with post production. No better way to share this than through live streaming. So we did, and since all sessions were live streamed, AND it was a long process for the +30 minute Bach Partita, I decided to make it all available on the YouTube homepage as well.
I've included a general index below, so you can click on the parts you would potentially be interested in.

The quality of the live stream will improve, since we learned to adjust the settings, mainly of our Logitech external web cam, that should have given you full HD. That is coming. We had a great time with an audience between 3 and 18 people watching. Intense moments for playing this music, really nice. We'll do more of that!

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