J.S.Bach :: Partita n°I, BWV 825

Just before I started to type something here in the description box, as you know a very improvisational and -at least to me- always a very enjoyable activity, Anja looks up from behind the wall where her desk is secretly hidden, saying that she paid for the 20 tapes I ordered a few days ago. Tapes, meaning: blank tapes. They fit on our Studer A80 taperecorder, turn around in pair where the left spool slowly gets thinner and the right spool gets fatter until, after 33 minutes, both reels lose connection because of the end of the tape.

During those 33 minutes, something happens when you press simultaneously on the play and record button. Aside from lighting up, one of the brand new heads is being pushed against the smooth surface of the SM468, Studio Master 468 tape, newly produced at Pyral in France. That head is under constant electrical attack, directly fed from the pre-amplifier, constantly transferring what the microphones will pick up.

That record head will translate that electrical pulse into a magnetic one, causing constant reshuffling of the millions and millions of magnetically charged iron particles on the tape, running at 38 cm a second. What those particles will be trying to do, no, not trying, they just do it because the magnetic field will make sure that there is no way of getting confused, is fixing the sound that comes from my clavichord, playing one of the Bach partitas.

You're right: that is the really really really real start of the project we've been talking about since long. The sixth partita is almost ready to be recorded for this YouTube channel, and than I start all over again, recording all six of them on tape.
Is that not overkill you could ask? Meaning: doing them twice?
I would answer that it is not. I gained so much experience and insight by sharing a first set of recordings with you, not to forget the wonderful feedback I'm happy to receive time after time from a wonderful audience you all are.

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