J.S.Bach :: Prelude and Fugue in B Minor, BWV 869

Traditionally, on November 1st, we -in Belgium and I guess in more countries-, remember the deceased, family, friends, and all that are close to our hearts. At age 44, that list is already filled with names of people that I really would have liked to have close to me for some longer time. My father left me early 2015, my former teacher and friend Jacques van Oortmerssen followed him at the end of the same year. Both totally unexpected. I miss those two great man still really hard, and I wonder sometimes if one of the most scary aspects of growing older is not the inevitable list of people who are or will be no longer with you, persons who no longer pick up the phone if you call them, if you need them. It sometimes frightens me. And I am not sure if I could handle all of that very well. I only can hope that life itself takes care of that. I really hope.
This piece, in the -to me- purple colored key of B Minor- might be a perfect 1st November piece. The dramatic key of B Minor comes right before C Major, key of light, resurrection if you'd like. It is the second recording on the Specken clavichord at Joris Potvlieghes workshop. And, really proud of that... this is music recording n°100 that I have produced for Authentic Sound. It was not planned to have this piece at that location on this date, but I feel that it in one way or another make sense.
I'm writing you this not from home, but from the North of Holland, in Suyderoogh, where the three girls of my life will devote one week of their lives with me. We have worked really hard on the production of the celebration CD's that are about to be made soon. The book is in full preparation and will take some of our time this week (with much protest of the two youngest :-)).

In stead of the afterthoughts of Thursday, a video I still have to record, I will reveal to you the content of the three CD's. I believe it is a choice that you can live with... at least I hope!
More on the CD's in the coming video's and next music video, on November 10th, I'll give you a special one: 100 recordings in 500 seconds.
Now: back to work!

Take care,


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