J.S.Bach :: Prelude and Fugue in E flat Minor (WKI), BWV 853

0:13 Prelude
4:23 Fugue

I might have said it before, but I say it again: one of the great things of a YouTube channel as this one -besides of course the nice contact with you all!- is the fact that every ten days, I have to bring a piece of music to a certain end point. Or, differently said: I have to make decisions.
That seems to be the easy part of it, but actually, it isn't.
However... I know that it is a recording for this channel, which I consider a bit as a experimental garden, I give my best energy to it so I can give you every ten days the performance of my life. But: it is not a CD recording!
What is the difference?
Actually: there is no difference. But at the same time: there is a huge one.
Should a musician become a bit more "mainstream" when he/she records a disc? Or not?
The obvious answer is of course: no. But in practice: do you really go to those edges of what you think that might be possible?
YouTube allows me to do that without hesitation. And so, it happens that a recording session ends with different ideas than before. It often enhances my view on the performed piece.
Also here: both this prelude and the fugue are possible in other tempi, moods, ...

The fugue is especially difficult to decide on: I often did play it much slower, which can make a great impression if you succeed in keeping up a powerful concentration. But during the recording session, it ended up in this tempo, which felt great.
But the prelude... I must admit, it was a lifetime moment I had that evening with this music. I hope you can hear it, so that I was able to share this special moment with you. And if you don't feel the same: so be it! But listen to this unbelievable fb somewhere near the end... that is a new world that is opening. Bach Bach Bach... I'm kept prisoner by him these weeks. Mozart and Beethoven will come back, I'm sure, but I have to recover from Bach first... !

Bonus: My series on tuning part 2, setting a (first) temperament
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