J.S.Bach :: Prelude & Fugue in Bb Minor, BWV 867 (WK I)

The last two weeks were a real challenge. First, I was a week in Riga, to document the beautiful organ case of the Sint-Jacobschurch. This week, I had to be in Germany.
Just returned at home, finishing this Bach recording video, with these few words.
The performance of this piece developed in a way I did not expect. The prelude, being full of drama and depression, initially was a bit slower in my mind, more or less imitating how it could sound while played by a string orchestra. But while preparing the prelude for this recording, I felt stronger accents on the quarter notes, which might as well be the meaning, since the piece is written in a rather open 4/4 structure. These accents inevitable lead to a what faster tempo. However, the mood and dissonances could suggest a slower tempo as well. I believe both ways are possible, but here, I choose to give priority to the accents within the normal bar structure, so on 1 and 3.
The piece gets a kind of 'drive' by this, and although I can imagine the other version, I very much enjoyed the deep silence afterwards...
The fugue is really crazy... I mean: 5 voices, who thinks about playing that? But it pays of the effort, trying as well as I can to serve the structure by accentuating the beginning of each theme entrance.

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Bonus: Political suicide: talking on temperament...!

In today's Q&A: question from Jason, asking what kind of temperament I used for a particular Bach recording... well...that's one of those "hidden" topics of our world of early music, much asked, seldom answered. I try to give a nuanced answer here.

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