J.S.Bach :: Prelude & Fugue in C Major, BWV 846 (WK1)

One of the most well known preludes, probably because of the stunning simplicity of some broken chords in combination with a natural building of tension within a framework of a most relaxing movement.

For me, it is a fascinating piece, but not easy to play. Within these broken chords, you'll find elements of polyphony that has to be pronounced without disturbing this kind of perpetuum mobile feeling. On the clavichord moreover, one has to keep his hand continuously in a so called 'classic' position, almost with closed hand, as to play all notes clear, top as well as bottom. This results also on other keyboard instruments in a better tone quality, but is simply necessary on the clavichord just in order to be able to render the notes.

The fugue, not to be surprised regarding the immense popularity of the prelude, is much less known. With 4 voices, it is an example of Bach's unsurpassed art of writing fugues.

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