J.S.Bach :: Prelude & fugue in C Minor BWV 847 (WKI)

Today, most of Bach's solo keyboard works are most often played on the harpsichord. Of course, his preludes, fugues, partita's, etc, can be played with great expression on the harpsichord, as on other instruments as well, but the historic situation could have been a different one. Important sources like Forkel and Adlung give us a different view on the maestro's work and the tradition of that time. Being compositorial and technical etudes, it was the clavichord in the first place for which this music was meant to be played on.

It surprises me again and again, that so little time is devoted to this magical instrument of expression. And not only because we know (or can know) that it is historically grounded, but that this instrument is really (I mean really) suited to clarify all details you want. No instrument more polyphonic than a good clavichord... I know it sounds as a statement... but I think it is true.

But, forget all I've said and just enjoy the music, as that is what I want to share with you in the first place!

Bonus: Control of the Wrist : Key to Keyboard

One of the key elements to keyboard playing in general, but certainly to clavichord playing, is the control, perfect control actually of the combination of arm weight and finger speed. The wrist plays an essential role in this.

Charles Enos asked me during one of the latest life streams if there was a correlation between movements of my wrist and the produced sound. I bet there is...

Hope you enjoy this video!

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