J.S.Bach :: Prelude & Fugue in E Major, BWV 854 (WKI) 

As I am writing these few lines here behind my laptop, Monday 19th of September 2016, early afternoon, a weak September sun is trying not to acknowledge its fast weakening summer power, Anja is working upstairs on her WordPress project, and I was supposed to organize our calendar for the coming weeks and even months. You know, breaking each project down to the smallest possible portion and then give it a place in the agenda. That is how people tell me projects work and I guess they are right.
But in stead of doing that, I am listening to music. I tell you what music: Keith Jarret's album Arbour Zena. The switch to vinyl discs opened many ways to much new music to me, and this disc, especially side one, with 'Runes' and 'Solara March' is very emotional for me to listen to. Don't know why, it must have to relate to timing.
Anyways, in stead of writing you about this magical E Major prelude and fugue by Bach, I cannot escape from thinking on my late father. As if this music resonates with the memories of him, and shake emotions of which I thought they since long were better controlled than this.
So forgive me this moment of weakness...talking with you on Bach, facts, or my regular bunch of nonsense stories, it doesn't fit right now with the mood Keith Jarret's music is pouring over me.
Moments like this force you to stand still. Nothing to do about that. I decided to buy this turntable a few months before my father died, and we talked regularly about that, he being a great Jazz lover and amateur guitar player. To me his reaction was always that of an over concerned father (yes it costs money...), but through others, I heard only stories of him being so curious to the sound of his favorite players enlarged through the magic touch of a 'needle'.
I had to postpone that purchase, so the turntable only came few months after his unexpected death in February 2015.
This would be one of the first records I'd had him listen to. I'm sure he would have loved that, even would have made him come a bit more often here, which was getting more and more difficult.

I'm sorry to bother you all with this so personal story... it is life, and sure many of you will have had the same losses, we all loose our fathers and mothers. Maybe the thing is that my mother just left, and by looking her walking outside, to her car, you can tell she is still mourning so much. I know I had to find the courage and share this moment of emotion with her. But I didn't. I guess this little story is a way to make up for that.

take care... and enjoy every moment of life. With Bach... or Keith Jarret!


(Now comes the moment where the double bass enters the dialogue with the piano, the timing of that is beyond perfection, you should listen to that record if you don't know it. But at evenings, when it is dark and silent, the evening takes over daytime, with only a glass wine and... whoever is close to you.)

Twin recording:

Twin recording of this master piece by JSBach, this time on a copy of an instrument of J. Specken (1743), built by Joris Potvlieghe. Anja and I were his guests on September 30th, 2016, and -of course - we made some videos.
Would you have thought of us otherwise 😉 ?
Stay tuned, there is more to come, also on the pianoforte !

J.S.Bach's E Major Fugue (WKI): a tricky one to play Afterthoughts

The E Major Fugue of book 1 of the Well-Tempered Clavier, is a tricky one. Difficult in another sense than the partitas for instance. In this episode of Afterthoughts, I take you through some of the passages that need special attention and give you my take and solutions of it.
O, and I'm touching briefly on the 12/8 4/4 similarity in this notation as well.

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