J.S.Bach ::Prelude & Fugue in F Major, BWV 880 (WK II)

Bonus: Andras Schiff on Bach and the Clavichord (From the partitas vlogs)

Few perhaps will know that the great pianist and Bach performer Andras Schiff is a long time clavichord player as well. As he was about to perform the French suites on piano in Leipzig, he gave a television interview, talking about the French suites and ... Bach and the clavichord. More specific: how he is convinced that (at least) these suites are clearly written for the clavichord, not the harpsichord.
It is about time I believe, that we turn the common mind set a bit, starting from the "evident truth" (because Gustav Leonhardt advocated this?) that Bach wrote the big soloworks for harpsichord. Time, because that "opinion" for decades corners the clavichord performances, leading to, well, annoying questions if ti can be "proven" that Bach intended his soloworks for clavichord, and, more ridiculous even, questioning if Bach himself had a clavichord ... I will not go into detail here...
But all that leads to a situation where the clavichord player (that is a stupid 20th c. term) needs to "explain", to "proof" why he is not choosing for the "obvious", e.g. for the harpsichord to play Bach's music on.
I am speaking much in general, of course, not pointing to any of you reading this. But it is a fact. And a strange fact as well. Because, looking at the facts, if there would be something that needed to be "proven", it would be the opposite. Why would you want to play it on harpsichord. Again, that can be a personal choice, and freedom and respect to all first, but based on the facts... the clavichord wins. Hands down.

It would be great to create world in which the unfretted clavichord takes again the position it had in the German areas in the 18th c. To leave the "obvious" "of course" non fact based opinions that clavichords only deserve a little spot in the corner of students and practicing, so that the immense beauty of these highly expressive instruments, almost twins of the also by then new traverse flutes, can enter an open minded audience and feed all those souls with the same emotions so many contemporaries of Bach felt the need of writing about. Sometimes even in the most poetic words.
A bit of a statement video... hope, no sure you don't mind!

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