Kostas Papazafeiropoulos :: Three dances (2016)

inspired by Mozart's Sechs Deutsche Tänze

Our family wishes you all the very best for 2017 ! No better way to enter the new year than with some music and dance, we thought. Evelien is happy to show you some very unexpected and refreshing new dance moves, and your humble servant is tickling the clavichord with a new composition by our Greek friend Kostas Papazafeiropoulos: three dances, inspired by the Mozart 6 German Dances I recorded almost a year ago.

As I said in the FF 2017 video, we will experiment a lot in 2017 here on our YouTube Channel. Starting in January with the recording of the big Bach Partitas BWV 825-830, which I will all livestream. I know some of my(elder) colleagues and friends raise their eyebrows if I tell them about this, but honestly, it is something I really am looking forward to. The feedback often is awesome, already now during the rehearsing lives, the chat often is a wonderful place were people get to know each other, and for me... you feel like a live audience, bringing the best possible focus and concentration that I can wish for.
Subscribe to the channel if you would like to attend some, if not all of those sessions, and click the bell icon next to the subscription button if you really don't want to miss any notification (YouTube is really messing this up lately).

All these live-recording sessions will be uploaded on YouTube as regular videos. I suppose this is quite unique for a musician to do, but again, I am really looking forward to share this process with you, and more than that, to accomplish this project together with you !

All this to say you shouldn't be afraid if you don't find the regular uploads in your mailbox as you have been accustomed to since quite some time. We return to a new regular schedule over time !

Make 2017 to a splendid year with uncountable pearls of happiness in the small things of life.

Evelien, Sofie, Anja and Wim

On newly composed music in old style:
Since I'm playing newly composed music by our Greek friend Kostas Papazafaropoulos (you better start practicing this name 🙂 ), it is so nice to have more and more contact with other composers, writing in early style. Some of them got inspired to give this a try, some of them let me know they enjoy composing for themselves, some are very young, like the Michael Anton (link to his recording below), and some of them are really experienced musicians, composers.
The YouTube schedule is so tied these days, that, in spite of my plans to fit at least some experts in, their generous gift was waiting too long on the shelf. So the least I can do, is to make a video and say "thank you".

Bonus: a conversation with Kostas
Our Christmas and New Year's videos with variations on Silent Night and Three Dances in Mozart Style, had, well... some degree of success. Of course, Star of the Stars was Evelien and she in her own lifts YouTube's analytics to heights her daddy never could think reaching by his music only :-).
But ! The music of our Greek friend Kostas Papazafeiropoulos is getting more and more attention too. Once people get used to the fact that he is creating music in today in late 18th c. style, and (important) accepting the fact that this should be possible if not desirable, a path opens to a lot of beaty that apprentely easily comes out of the pen of that young composer.
One of his dreams is composing an opera. Most difficult part for him? Finding a libretto...!
A conversation with him. Hope you enjoy!


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