L.Vierne :: Symphony n°6, Opus 59
Played on the 1923 Joseph Adema organ in the Basiliek St. Bavo, Haarlem

0:01 Introduction et Allegro
8:58 Aria
15:44 Scherzo
20:13 Adagio
28:14 finale

Context of this recording:
About one year ago, February 28, 2015, to be exact, my father died. The year that lies in between has passed as if it was only one second. I am writing this on Saturday February 27th 2016, 8.17PM. Exactly one year ago we, my wife and two daughters, were sitting at my parents home. I was working like crazy to finish a quote for the organ restoration of the famous organ in Lüneburg - with Rowan West - as my wife came upstairs, telling me that it was already 7 o'clock. I remember having answered that we'd go tomorrow to pay them a visit, but there was no escape in the eyes of Anja: my father just returned from ten days in the hospital, so tonight we would go. I am my further life thankful to her for that reply. It would be the last time that I saw my father alive.
So, that Friday evening, we sat down, him at my right hand in his seat, very relaxed and in such an incredible health. We laughed and my mother even opened a bottle of wine, some chocolates were eaten more then we should -and he shouldn't eat them at all, but he didn't mind that evening. I remember one moment, my father crossing his legs, bending forward to take another chocolate, as if he was not feeling immobilised any more as he did the last months. And normally hearing very little without hearing device, he interacted with every single one of us, clear, to the point, even funny but... without his hearing aid... I told him how that was possible, but he didn't mind.

We left at about 9 and then something strange happened. At least, seen from the light of what would happen the day after. Our youngest daughter Evelien, bu that time three, went to the door, as usual escaping the arms of grandfather to give a goodbeye hug. They had a special relation ship and both, as small as she was, knew that they played a game. But, to our surprise, Evelien turned around in the door opening, and ran back to the living room, in her grandfather's arms, giving him the biggest hug one could wish for...

Why? Do children see or feel things we don't?
Anyways, I'll miss him a lot. One year full of things he hasn't seen, heard or felt.
I have chosen this recording, which is a part of my examination of my conservatory examination in Amsterdam, 17th of June 1997, played on the Adema-organ of the 'Catholic Bavo' in Haarlem (The Netherlands). My father was present at that moment.

I thought that recording - of which I still am proud of today- would serve well as a tribute to the great man he was.


P.S. This recording was made possible thanks to the initiative of Cees van der Poel, a fellow student, who happened to play right after my examination, also with Viernes 6th one.


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