Muzio Clementi :: Sonata F sharp Minor opus 26/2

Clementi (1752-1832) was a star of his time, and who takes the time to play his oeuvre, will come in touch with a genius who not always is striving to create an ever-lasting composition, but leaves the player and listener always with a good feeling.
And moreover: looking at his first sonata's, written as early as 1782 (the time of the so called competition with Mozart in Vienna), both the way he treats the keyboard and is looking for new harmonic effects is really astonishing. He, without doubt, set the tone for the next decades and his meeting with Mozart must have had a major influence on the younger of the two...
This sonate is one of the more emotional ones in the beautiful key of F sharp minor.

Written for the clavichord? By no means. It is meant to be played on "a" keyboard, and the performer of those days AND of today has the choice to play it an the instrument of his or her preference. But this kind of music is very much suited for this subtle instrument... and of course, Clementi was aware of the beauty of the clavichord, being at his top when he crossed Europe at the early '80-ties.

It is too early for his own piano's to play this music on. He had at that time yet to start his pianofactory!

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