Costas Papazafeiropoulos :: Rondo in A Minor (2015)

Dedicated to Wim Winters

I know at least one person somewhere on this huge round blue globe, that will click on this video with a slightly higher heartbeat than normal...
no, my Greek friend Costas did not know that I would make another recording of one of his keyboard pieces.

The world should know about this very talented young guy, living somewhere in that plagued country where democracy saw daylight. At least much more than the +700 that viewed the recording of his C Minor recording! Not for me, but for this music. So make 70.000 of this video!

Imagine what happened. You probably listened to the recording of that C Minor sonata (and if you haven't, run to it, listen and come back). I didn't know Costas at all long before the recording of that sonata, and the performance of that piece was more or less a result of a question he asked, whether I would be willing to have a look at his work. Well... I can tell you how surprised I was to find a complete sonata in my inbox, first one in A Minor, then one in C Minor, and to find many more music on his YouTube page, all computer performances of works, from keyboard solo over violin concerti to complete symphonies.

Average views by then minus 100.

I know, we live in a strange world, over-consumption, and certainly over-production and over-communication. Fifty years ago they wouldn't have thought this to become possible, but it came true:

Excellence on its own is not enough any more to raise above the average.

It is not even a condition any more. To succeed, one needs to have excellent marketing skills, be a perfect net-worker, have big doses of luck, work hard and be remarkable (excellent is a plus, but not essential). In that order.
I myself miss a lot of qualities from that list that easily could be extended, so I know about what I'm writing. The fact that we seriously think about building our own professional recording studio has much to do with that aspect. It will be our little island in which we artificially correct that order in: excellence, hard work, believe, conviction, experience, decision making, choices. And inevitably networking, mastering social media, etc. But in that order.

Maybe we succeed, maybe we fail. We'll see. Life is too short not to have tried to scrape everything out of that small pot, till the bottom.

Costas (his name can be spelled Kostas as well), really was thankful in a way that was heartening... it felt really good knowing that my contribution to his work finally opened doors for him that kept closed for long time. And still now, I regularly get small messages just to repeat that gratitude to me. And all I did was performing a work that I really like...

And if that wasn't enough, I opened my inbox one morning, and found an exceptional gift. A newly composed rondo dedicated to... me.
Well, I can tell you, that is emotional. It does not happen every day that works are dedicated to me.

Above the title there is the very nice sentence: 'To my good friend Wim Winters for his new pianoforte".

Of course I immediately thanked Costas for this incredible gift. Saying him at the same time that my pianoforte would require pieces for 6 octaves... this rondo being within the compass for 5 and so, rule of the house, dedicated to the clavichord. Apart from joking, it really worked well on the clavichord. And I hope you feel the same!

There will be an "Afterthoughts" dedicated to this recording, so I'm not gone double what I say in that video. There is not much to be added to this, except from a very warm 'thank you' to Costas Papazafeiropoulous, along with the wish to continue the work he begun and create beauty for many long years to come.


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