K.Papazafeiropoulos :: Variations on Mozart's Der Vogelfänger (2016)

Index (thanks to Ekvitarius):
Theme: 0:08
Variation 1: 0:55
Variation 2: 1:43
Variation 3: 2:36
Variation 4: 3:32
Variation 5: 4:38
Variation 6: 5:31
Variation 7: 6:31
Variation 8: 7:31
Variation 9: 8:25
Variation 10: 8:59

Perfectly in line with historical practices, our Greek friend Kostas took the theme of the famous Bird Catcher aria from Mozart's Magic Flute opera to present us with newly written variations for keyboard.
It was common practice in those days, to take a popular theme, mostly from operas, to produce variations on. Mozart did it as well, many times, from a young age on, like for instance the Six Variations on a theme by Antonio Salieri, to present him with when he visited Vienna in 1773. In the beautifully filmed but clownish picture of Wolfgang in the film "Amadeus", this is taken as a moment on which Mozart would have made jokes with the 'lesser-genius' Salieri. It is still today incomprehensible how the illustrious composer -Mozart - , who no doubt was one of the kindest persons to be met at that time, who worked like crazy -literally to death- to accomplish all he did, as a half grown up adolescent type, chasing women all the time, making fun of the elite that for that reason turned their back on him. This is all so besides the truth that still two centuries after the death of the great master, someone should have subpoenaed the makers of that film for slander and defamation. But all of that aside.

Kostas has proven to have talent for variations in the F Major sonata opus 118 that is to be found on this channel. The variation is a sometimes underestimated composition form. It is very hard to make variations interesting, and in the 18th century, even at J.S.Bach's time (and before, remember Pachelbel for instance), this was considered as a proof of craftsmanship. At the same time, often variations served a goal of presenting the player's (often the composer) technical abilities.
There still is a 32 variations work on the shelf here, written by Kostas recently to be played. It's coming.


The recording you hear was made during a life stream session on YouTube on Sunday 24th of July. Afterwards, I had a Messenger call with Kostas, interviewing him on his background, his views, dreams, and on this particular work. All that is recorded and will be uploaded as the Afterthoughts video the third of August.

The recording of the live session will go online as well a few days later. Links will be posted here as with the publication.
Much more to come from this talented young man from Greece, who is not only talented, but works like crazy to improve constantly to achieve that distance ideal what he has in mind.


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