W.A.Mozart :: Adagio KV 540

In memoriam my Father, Jean Winters (1943-2015)

On Saturday February 28th, my father unexpectedly passed away.
He was suffering the last years, badly, due to neuropathic pains. That all, as an addition to heart problems, which caused other problems, etc.
But no sign that his death would be so near.

He just returned from the hospital, almost recovered from a bad cold and flu. We visited him on Friday evening at their home, and he was in very good shape. Laughing, joking, and with a surprising ability to move and use his legs, so badly affected otherwise.
Saturday was also a very good day for him. He and my mother spend -as she told us afterwards - an unforgettable morning together...
Around 7 o'clock in the evening, I got a telephone call from my mother, saying that she called an ambulance to transport him back to the hospital. I arrived at my parents home minutes before the ambulance and my father really looked very bad. The ambulance men immediately called the emergency doctor and half an hour later, after all kind of treatments, my father finally seemed to recover. I asked him if he felt at ease and he knocked his head and clearly answered "yes, I do".

Those were his last words.
Once in the ambulance, things got worse soon. My mother and I were waiting in my car just behind, and we saw the activity and finally the first attempts to resuscitate him.

One hour later, he was lying down again in his bed, only now with his eyes closed forever.

While I was holding his hand in mine, talking to him, I couldn't help hearing the first lines of Mozart's adagio in B Minor, over and over again. I know it sounds a bit strange, as if I hadn't had something else on my mind that evening, but it is as it is.

It is with that piece of music that I want to pay tribute to him. I'll miss him badly, but at the same time am so grateful of 42 beautiful years together with him.

My father was 71.

I thank all of you out of the bottom of my heart for the dozens of condolences that I received, through mail, private messages, facebook, YouTube, ... Your support, although many of us did not meet in real life yet, meant very much to me.

It is as you always hear but only feel when it happens: A loss like this cuts a piece out of your heart.

Wim Winters

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