W.A.Mozart :: (from) KV15 and KV 33

I'm writing this from Amsterdam! It is the 19th of February 2016, 8 o'clock in the morning from a hotel right in the middle of the city, 100 meters from the famous monument on the "Dam". Not to trace the old route of young Mozart, if my memory is correct, I should have gone to The Hague for that. No, reason that I am here is to attend a two day course, not in music, but in... literature. You might remember one of the previous blogposts here on YouTube, where I wrote about that muse-project of me, that started way back in 2011 and has evolved in to long periods of intense writing. Fiction. There are non-fiction projects going on as well -in the Afterthoughts I'll talk a little on that, and I will share more with you in the coming months when time is there. Anyway, the book I wrote and rewrote about 10 times, became a much larger project than initially was intended. And, what is way more important, I enjoyed writing it much more than I ever could have thought I would. Literature sort of always was a very important element in my life, less the latest decade because of the focus on music (and my family), but I never thought I would end up here in Amsterdam, attending a course at Sebes&Bisseling, a very dynamic and successful literary agency here in Holland.
I will not shift my "career" from music to literature. Far from. First objective for me over the next two days is to try to figure out what my place could be within this world of literature. It is very hard to say that by yourself, and all the positive feedbacks I have got over the last couple of years, I don't see any publishers doors go open spontaneously. I haven't tried that hard, honestly, partly because I knew there was still progress to be made. But, as time is a limited good in the world of a 44 year old dad of two girls who must look for ways to make a kind of living, writing can be fun, but should serve a kind of 'real-world' purpose, if I would want to continue that activity, next to all the others. That might sound very inartistic, but look at it this way: If I would write the second volume of the book I have written, that would take about two hours a day away from other activities that I really would like to take off as well. Two hours... the next three years! That is an awful lot of time!

And even if I enjoyed that process (although writing is really hard work), it would take away time and focus of other projects. And those other projects are all bundled around my music so to say. That is the way I see it, literature being a muse-"business".
So, very curious today and tomorrow what it will be like. You certainly will hear again from it, but now, I have to run for a quick breakfast and than a fresh nose outside here in Amsterdam, see if I still can find my way in the streets that in the 90ties felt as my hometown.

Have a nice day!

Bonus: How to (legally) download all of the Neue Mozart Ausgabe
A great question that might be of use to many of you: what is the edition I use for the music of Mozart and where can it be found?
The answer is a very nice one: online AND for free !

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