W.A.Mozart :: Prelude and Fugue KV 394

Prelude 0:06
Fugue 5:01

Nobody's perfect, and the last one in the row is me, but the way I underestimated this piece and particularly this fugue for some years, even was surprising to me... !
Of course, it's Mozart's fault!
In a letter to his sister (who asked him constantly keyboard pieces with interesting harmonies and counterpoint), he apologized for only sending this manuscript, he had not enough time to write something better...

The fantasy/prelude is rather special, brilliant, but the fugue is a master piece in counterpoint. We can only regret Mozart didn't compose his own well-tempered clavier!
Interesting to see how the prelude tend to lean towards typical pianoforte writing, very well possible on the clavichord, but the broken chords would make great effect on the pf too. But: Nannerl didn't have a pianoforte, as Mozart himself had not yet, or just a very short time his Walter piano. It shows the exchange-ability of this keyboard music, especially in the 2d half of the 18th century and certainly in Vienna.

Bonus: Mozart - Clementi: Two Giants Meet: Christmas Eve 1781. A Personal View
A re-release of an earlier video that could use some aesthetic and acoustical improvement.

It might have been one of the most impressive musical meetings ever... Christmas Eve 1781, Vienna. Mozart and Clementi. Today, so much later than 1781, we can overlook lives in a glance. But often, it pays off to go into detail. Some reflections on that evening in this little vlog. Take it as a personal note, based on some historical facts and supplemented with much fantasy...

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