W.A.Mozart :: Sonata in A Minor, KV 310

In this video, I play one of the most well known sonata's of W.A.Mozart. Their seems to be a bit of discussion of the exact date of composition, but it is either end of the '70 or early '80ties. Still patiently waiting for my Fritz pianoforte for early 2015, I choose the clavichord to render this piece. That might sounds a bit weird to some of you, but imagine that Mozart at those days or did not have a pianoforte yet, or was only about having one... on what instruments did he play?

Well, that's hard to say, and certainly worth spending a vlog on. But it is for sure that he was an experienced clavichord (clavier) player. His father being an official seller of the famous Friederici clavichords (more or less like the one I play), Mozart, as all 18th century keyboard players, was very familiar with the instrument, and must have loved as his colleagues who did write their experiences down, the large amount of expression this instrument offers.

 Bonus: My Clavichord's Cathedral - Sympathetic Strings

Sympathetic strings (I used the incorrect term 'Sympathic' in the video), are the part of the string behind the bridge of the clavichord. They have a big impact on the overall sound if my instrument. In this video, I will be demonstrating that effect to you with music of Beethoven and Pachelbel.

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