W.A.Mozart :: Sonata in C Major, KV 279

"München Sonata" n°1

Mozart's KV 279 not "yet" a full-size "important" work, as one often hears of all works under KV 300... Well, I can tell you after revisiting almost all the Munich sonatas, young Wolfgang's works are mind blowing, opening the romanticism in a way that is beyond imagination, showing a master of technique, form, depth, expression, that is just stunning. One thing though: you should not race through these works at Ferrari speeds. Even then something is left, but not the deep emotional expression, so close to the music of C.P.E.Bach and Haydn, and yet so much opening the doors for the later Beethoven-ish expression.
On clavichord, these works just shine and there is little doubt the clavichord was the instrument Mozart had in mind for these works. Much more than the piano, which was an instrument that only later would come in his life and even then in a -compared to the finesses of a clavichord - in a rather rough technical format. This music breathes the micro-expression a clavichord can reproduce as no other keyboard instrument in those days was capable off.
Sorry to advocate so strongly here for the clavichord... but I believe it is even not exaggerated. Perhaps uncommon on today's musical scene. But that is a fact history does not pay attention to !
Hope you enjoy!

O, that thumbnail... !
You know, the sonata has been recorded the evening before Easter. Tradition here in Belgium is that on Easter, the 'clocks from Rome' trow some chocolate eggs in the garden, and "Easter bunny" -don't know if that is correct English - hide some as well.
Sofie, old enough "to know", still wanted to be in bed early in order to be able to get up early. And so Anja had to turn that one page. And since we've learned that the most important thing on YouTube, even before delivering "great content", is a great thumbnail, we had fun taking all kinds of poses. And don't worry, we kept it decent, since the clocks had to go to bed early as well :-).

Have nice time listening (I'm really proud on this recording...as with the KV 284...)



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