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1st recording (March 2016)

This is the 5th sonata of the total of 6 so called München sonata (and also the 5th one of the 'big' sonatas). Out of these 6, this one is the most known and in general to be considered as a very popular Mozart piece. The reason why exactly this sonata has become that much more known than the other five, is unclear to me, and certainly unjustified. Of course this is a magnificent work, but they all six are, and we should not forget that they are written by a 22 year old boy, far from home, eager to look for a steady position which he would not get. One of the reasons perhaps because he was so outstanding.

The ideas about a new scheme for this YouTube channel slowly get some shape. Main point is to have weekly schedules in stead of monthly. Steady release dates seem to be important and thus is not something I'd like to change too often. But it is hard to fit in new series on a monthly basis. It is easier just to say that Friday is the day for the Friday Vlog. Monday for music. And so on.

For now, my idea would be:

Monday (3x) : music video
Monday n°4: a new series (no title yet) on pioneers of the early music movement, based on a record that I own -as a point of departure)
Wednesday (3x): Afterthought on the Monday recordings
Wednesday n°4: a short presentation of another YouTube channel that inspires me, that I follow, that has aspects that can interest you as well, or a blog, book, ... that has influenced me or my way of working/thinking and can be interesting for you.
Friday: Short weekly vlog on the past week.

In between that: live sessions (still not operational) to better 'serve' you if you would feel that would be right for you . Think on: practising hours, where I share some moments of practising with you, with the options of life interaction through chat. Or, -even- more ambitious in a technical sense, life-streaming of small master-classes, where you could join in small groups through Google Hangout and hang out with me around a certain theme or piece that we plan and work on together.

All coming up... hopefully. Some more projects, but that is for later.
Deadline for these changes are early May, if things go really well maybe earlier.

Leave me a comment below for ideas and suggestions!

Take care,


2nd recording (March 2017)

W.A.Mozart was about 17 years old when he traveled to Munich with his father for the premiere of his opera "La finta giardiniera". He took 5 keyboard sonatas with him, and wrote a 6th one while being there, the so-called 'Munich sonatas', KV 279-284.
In this recording, I'll give you my version of the 5th sonata, the most famous one of the 6, the G Major, KV 483.
Hope you enjoy !

A comparison of both recordings

Bonus: Live practicing session of W.A. Mozart, Munich sonatas n° 4-5, KV 282-283
One hour of talking and demonstrating, covering all kinds of aspects of this music: opera imitation, modern p-f dynamics, clavichord and square pianos, notation and tempo choices, affect, demo of different affects and effects, metronome indications, etc...


München 1775
Mozart symphony n°25
Mozart KV 282