W.A.Mozart :: Variations F Major, KV 398

I shall start with the statement that Mozart was one of the best composers of variations ever.

What a risky statement, not?

And if you would be confused a bit by this opening, you might look at some ironic details, because, hey, we all know that Mozart is a genius, so, what's the point?

Well, the point is that we -and at least have that impression- do not very often here variations other than Ah! vous dirai-je maman. Beautiful piece, sure, simple and therefore fabulous, but... simple compared to his other variations, of which this one even not is the most elaborated one either.

Variations are always a tool for technical display, and that is certainly part of the effect here. They are difficult, and moreover, written in a technique that is to be considered as an expansion of what he wrote before. Is there an influence, challenge may be, of Clementi? May be, but certainly the all-round focus on more, more difficult, progress, in general as well.

These variations are nice to play, some passages are real pain-in-the-a.., but very rewarding.
I have made an Afterthought on this, as always -well, the latest six recordings or so-, and , contrary to habits, I have not the time to go more in detail here.

Why not? What could possibly be of greater importance than writing ideas, how silly or stupid they can be, but still ideas, about Mozart??
Nothing, nothing... euhm... except time... It has been really crazy weeks lately, and there are some heavy ones ahead. I'm playing the six Bach partita's in Brugge next month, as we speak now (the 10th of July, but I'm writing this the 7th at 22.45h), I just returned from Switserland to collect my Studer Taperecorder (which you all know from the 6th episode of the Studio Project), there is much work around some organ projects I'm involved with, the kids have holiday, ...
and my head is begging for some sleep... refusing to guide me here in my small blog-spot, that I really enjoy so much writing.

Tomorrow 650 km to Thun in Switersland. Not with the kids this time, as we did heading to Timmendorfer-Strand last week in North Germany, to play a concert at my friend place Jan Weinhold, but only with Anja this time. Just driving to Thun, sleeping, having a speed course in the morning and returning with two devices that respresents all of the best that HIFI was capable of in the late '70-ties and mid 80-ties. And that... is still to be surpassed today... But let us not talk here to much about equipment. THAT we do in our Studio Project series!


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